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40M underwater photo housing for iPhone 3, 3GS, 4 and 4S  

Specifically designed for iPhone 3, 3GS, 4 and 4s, SS-i waterproof housing provides you with an exceptional underwater photography experience. Combined with the “Seashell Lite” App which can be easily downloaded from the Apps Store, this high-end product can make your underwater experience truly enjoyable.

SS-i complies with REACH, EC1907/2006 European Standard, so that YOU can rely on this waterproof housing no matter where your trip takes you.


Here's what it does.

Truly Universal

This is when sturdiness, design and reliability comes together into one lightweight package with a slim form factor.

It's Simple

A secure grip and easy-to-use controls are just what we designed SS-i for.

No fiddly buttons and switches,

SS-i gets everything done with just 4 buttons. It's really that simple.


Underwater, your handset will need all the protection it can get. That is why Seashell SS-i is waterproof for up to 40m, IP6X dust proof, freeze proof and also 1m shock proof.

To maximize protection, SS-i also has a patented locking mechanism design which will close the case up tightly. Guaranteed.


Choose your favourite colour ,add any of our accessories, oh, and you can also fit your smartphone case in SS-i to match your style, because we're just that thoughtful.


Here are the details.


Polycarbonate, glass, stainless steel and etc

Operating Temperatures

0 to 45°C

Weight in Water

Buoyancy in fresh Water (with iPhone): -10g (negative)

Net Weight

240 grams

Gross Weight

465 grams


153mm(W) x 88mm(H) x 34mm(D)


210mm(L) x 110mm(H) x 80mm(D) 

Maximum Water Depth

Up to 40m (IPX8 standard)

Dust Prevention


Shock Prevention



iPhone 3, 3GS, 4 and 4S


Here's how to do it.

To get started


1. Seashell housing is preset for the iPhone 3/3GS/4/4s model as indicated on the packing.  (for better performance, download our professional photography app "Seashell Lite")

2. For phones with jackets, take off the pre-installed side spacers and replace them with smaller size spacers supplied with the packing.

3. The size of the spacers is indicated both on the spacers set and on each side spacer.

4. The side spacers can easily be taken off by hand without any tools.

5. Do not use the side spacers which hold the phone too tightly as this might damage your handset. Replace them with smaller spacers.


Whats in the box?

Here's what's in the box.

Front cushion set


Water sealing O-ring & Grease


Hand strap

Quick setup guide in 3 languages


User manual in 8 languages


Warranty card

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