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Established in the year of 2009, Zear Corporation Ltd is an innovative company founded by its president and CEO, William Yim. Inspired by his love for water sports, William Yim sets out to create a new line of products dedicated to underwater photography – Seashell. Like its real life counterpart, Seashell defends itself with a rock-hard protective shell.


The only difference is, that Seashell is tailored for you.


Combining both the efficiency of a professional underwater camera and the budget price of a consumer camera or smartphone, the Seashell product line breaches the line between consumer and professional underwater photography.


The Seashell product line is both designed and manufactured in Hong Kong, and undergoes strict quality controls as well as product testing. Seashell has also obtained numerous international awards and certificates and has over 40 distributors and more than 2000 retailers worldwide.

Together, our skilled and enthusiastic team strives to provide a better marine photography experience for water lovers all around the globe.




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